The label that certifies the sustainability of your company and shows the consumer your commitment to recycling.

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Only the eureciclo label offers simultaneously

1. Legal compliance and judicial protection
2. Positive marketing and consumer reach
3. Social and environmental impact

A practical and affordable solution to the reverse logistics of packagings.
Sustainable. Transparent. Inclusive.

The eureciclo label compensates for the environmental impact of the packagings you produce, and certificates that your company complies with the National Solid Waste Policy in Brazil. That's how:
  • Ciclo sustentável Environmental compensation

    Through environmental compensation, you pay recycler cooperatives to remove from the environment a corresponding amount of the packaging materials you sold along the year. It's like a carbon credit, but we call it circular economy certification!

  • Notebook acessando a plataforma Online platform

    With our technology, we register recycler cooperatives around the country and track the solid waste that's collected and effectivelly recycled. The gathered data can be used to accordingly certify the compensation of company packagings!

  • Selo eureciclo em uma embalagem Certification label

    With the eureciclo label, you comply with the environmental regulation, and then consumers identify your commitment to a sustainable brand. On top of that, you contribute to the development of the recycling chain in Brazil!

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the consumers

As a consumer, I prefer buying from sustainable companies, since we're responsible for the impact we cause on the life of people, animals and the planet as a whole. The eureciclo label brings together different parts of the cycle to make everything work: companies, consumers and recyclers join for a healthier waste cycle! Julia G., an aware consumer

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