Less than 15% of trash is recycled in Latin America.

Source: Iniciativa Regional para el Reciclaje Inclusivo (IRRI), 2014

But we have good news for you! Some amazing brands are already helping to solve this problem! Learn how they make it happen.

The presence of the eureciclo label on the packaging of the products you consume ensures that the manufacturer supports and invests in recycling.

In practice, this means that these companies are collaborating to:

  • box

    Increase the recovery of recyclable materials

  • recycle bin

    Protect the environment by giving the correct destination for the packaging.

  • recycle

    Formalize the recycling chain, improve working conditions, increase formal jobs and adequate remuneration.

When you consume the products with the eureciclo label, you are also collaborating with all these initiatives.

Do you want to contribute?

Buy the products from manufacturers committed to responsible and inclusive recycling!

Example of a product with the eureciclo label

You just need to find the eureciclo label on the packagings.

Separate the packagings according to the type of material indicated on the label:

  • Plastic


  • Glass


  • Metal


  • Paper


They already recycle

Get to know a little more about the brands that have already committed to responsible and sustainable recycling.

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